le marquis


nach punkten, 1983, mc, werke junger monarchen

kugel, 1984, mc, werke junger monarchen

"shadow", on: battle of bands, 1985, mc-sampler, glitterhouse

whos in my garage, 1986, mc, crimson cult

"whos in my garage", on: a fabulous compilation 1987, lp-sampler, fab records fab l007

the girl who stole the eiffel-tower, 1987, mini-lp, fab records fab ml10

why i hate america, 1989, mini-lp, fab records fab ml14

"stars", on: take a look at max, 1991, 7" sampler, old 2002

10 years of maximum power and pop, 1993, mc

big world, 1994, mc

"big world" und "shadow", on: vermilion, 1995, mc-sampler, grapefruit/bliss

...and this is the real life, 1995, mc

"little mrs dreamer", on: little white knickers, 1996, cd-sampler, 25 records

subke bilder, 1997, mc,

"hey what you say", on: wanna get interactive, 1998, cd-rom-sampler, wbg media

"du sollst nicht weinen", on: marmor stein und eisen bricht, 1999, video-sampler

schn und gut 2000, cd gz music

im dorfe, 2000, cd-single,

the big surprise, 2001, cd, little teddy records

wann und wo immer du willst, 2002, cd, gz music

die form, 2002, cd, bellarecords

X, 2002, cd, bellarecords

stella lunaris, 2003, single-cd, bellarecords

25 jahre ludwigstrasse 15, 2004, single-cd, bellarecords